a virtial professional services div. of Propinar LLC

Welcome to ProMinds


ProMinds is a division of Propinar LLC, a USA based company. ProMinds offers a wide range of virtual professional outsourced services including accounting, business development,  call center, green energy consulting, mechanical, electro-mechanical, electronic and architectural engineering, software development, web and ecommerce development and hosting, virtual administration and other virtual and on-site consulting services.

We give you...
  • Measureable cost, time and quality advantages
  • Flexible project or program solutions that suit your needs
  • Lower cost alternative to traditional staffing
  • Higher availability alternative to traditional staffing
  • Flexible resource pool of highly skilled personnel
  • Rapid deployment and expertise in latest technology
We take pride in having people who understand and practice the latest in Business, Marketing, Engineering, Science, Administration and Information Technology.
Our proven program enables companies to more efficiently manage their time, while enhancing their profit margins. We accomplish this by relieving traditional cost centers such as accounting, finance, sales, marketing, business development, software engineering, system administration, call center, and many more areas in small to medium enterprise companies.
Using our services will help your company lower its overhead, reduce business risk, and save you and your company, time and distraction, so that you can focus on core and strategic business customers.